20-21.2.2018 Shaping the Memory of the Holocaust remembering responsibly


Center Organization of Holocaust Survivors in Israel

in cooperation with

Yad Vashem and the Shalom Hartman Institute

will hold a conference on

Shaping the Memory of the Holocaust

“Remembering Responsibly”

February 20–21, 2018


Tuesday, February 20

16.00-17.00 –       Registration

17.00-17.30 –       Opening Session

                              Greetings: Colette Avital, Chairperson, COHSI

                                                  Danny Attar, Chairman of the Jewish

                                                                      National Fund

                                                  Abraham  Duvdevani

                                                  Chairman World Zionist Organization

                                                  Greg Schneider, Executive Vice President

                                                  Claims Conference Against Germany


 17.30-18/30          Address:  "The Imperative of Holocaust Remembrance

                                                 Paths toward the Future "

                                                 Mr.Avner Shalev,

                                                 Chairman of the Board, Yad Vashem


                              Address:   “Remembrance of the Holocaust nowadays"

                                                 Rabbi Dr. Daniel Hartman


18.30-18.45          Intermission

18.45-19.30           Address:   "Are we responsible for the suffering

                                                 of others ?"

                                                  Professor Yehuda Bauer



Wednesday , February 21,2018


9.00- 9.30             Gathering and coffee

9.30-10.45            Plenum:  "A Past that Builds the Future"

                             Panel discussion:

Muki Tsur 

                               Professor Shimon Azulai

                               Moderator: Irina Steinfeld, Yad Vashem


10.45-11.00           Intermission

11.00-12.30                   Panel Discussion: “What will we remember ?”

                             Professor Jan Grabowski, University of Ottawa

Professor Michael Berenbaum, American Jewish University

                               Moderator: Dr. Laurence Weinbaum, WJC


12.30- 13.30         Lunch break

13.30-14.30            Aharon Appelfeld z"l 's message: A short video clip

                               "Remembering the Shoa- An ongoing personal

                                Challenge for Humanity"  Professor Michal Govrin

14.30- 14.45            Intermission


14.45- 16.00          Workshops


               Workshop#1: Values and Methods in the Educational System

                                      Yael Richler and Shani Lurie, Yad Vashem

               Workshop#2: An intergenerational discussion- messages and

                                      Tools –Dorit Blitenthal and Lili Haber, COHSI

               Workshop#3: The Memory of the Holocaust in a Multicultural

                                      Society- Inbal Kiviti, Yad Vashem

               Workshop#4: Educational dilemmas in transmitting the Memory

                                      Of the Holocaust –Noam Leibman, Moreshet

               Workshop#5: "The Ingathering – an innovative mode of active

                                       Remembrance" – Professor Michal Govrin

16.00-16.15                    Intermission

16.15-17.15                Panel discussion : "Remembering the Holocaust

                                    Young voices in the Israeli Literature"

                                    Mr. Yishai Sarid and Dr. Gali Tibon

                                    Moderator: Rani Jaeger, Hartman Institute



17.15-18.00             Concluding Remarks

                                Recommendations of the workshops:

                      Colette Avital, Chairperson, COHSI